How Do You Measure A Room?

It’s impossible to know the cost of a new floor without knowing how much of it you need. It can be pretty daunting to start measuring your room, so we have a simple method you can use.

measurement diagram

If your room is a rectangle, this is as simple as measuring the length and width of your room and multiplying them together. Therefore if your room is 5 metres long and 4 metres wide, the area will be 20 metres square because       5 x 4 = 20

If your room isn’t rectangular, we recommend splitting it into rectangular sections. Multiply the width and length of each rectangle together to find the area. Then, add the areas of each rectangle together to find the total area. If you have an L shaped room, for example, this can be split into 2 rectangles

measurement diagram
measurement diagram

And if you’ve got a complicated room, this method still works. Simply split the room into as many rectangles as needed. Multiply the length and width of each rectangle to find the areas, then add them all together to find the total area.


Top tip

Important tip: it’s standard to add an extra 5% on to your area to allow for the usual wastage that occurs during installation. To calculate this, you’ll need to multiply the total area by 1.05. However, herringbone and tiled floors where the installation starts in the middle of the room require 7-10% wastage as it’s likely you’ll have to cut more boards than with a regular, straight lay design.

Fitting Service

Brit Floors can help you to arrange the perfect independent fitting service. We currently only operate in the Midlands area, we would highly recommend booking an expert flooring fitter to make sure the job is done right.

Each of the contactors are independent to Brit Floors, they have their own public liability insurance to protect both parties and all work carried out is guaranteed for a period of one year, giving you total peace of mind and assurance.

The benefits of having your flooring professionally fitted means shorter installation time, minimal wastage and a perfect finish.

All fitting monies are paid directly to the independent contractor, below is an indication of fitting charges. Please contact us at for information and contact details of independent fitting contractors.

** Please note, there is a minimum fitting charge of £150.00 for all flooring types.

 Installation Fees:

Service/Fitting Description
Installation Charge (inc VAT)


Laminate Stair Fitting

£9.00 m2

£20.00 per stair

Luxury Vinyl (Click System)

£9.00 m2

Engineered (Click System)

Engineered Tongue & Groove (Glue / PVA)

£10.00 m2

£12.00 m2

Solid Wood (Click System)

Solid Wood (Secret Nail or Glue)

Solid Wood Or Engineered Stair Fitting

£15.00 m2

£18.00 m2

£30.00 per stair

Laminate Herringbone (Click System)

Engineered Herringbone (Click System | Floating *PVA | Glue Down)

Solid Wood  (Click System)

Solid Wood (Secret Nail or Glue Down)

£15.00 m2

£15.00 | £18.00 | £20 m2

£15.00 m2

£18.00 m2

Additional Services:

Service/Fitting Description
Installation Charge (inc VAT)

Door Shaving (Excluding Fire Doors)

£10.00 Per Door

Skirting Installation (Glue or Screw)

£20.00 Per Length / 2.4m

Leveling & Screeding (Concrete & Floorboards)

Via Enquiries ONLY

Ply-Boarding (Ply-wood)

£10.00 m2